10 Ways to Be in Fashion and Be Sustainable

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We keep on hearing the Earth is at risk and the environment ever more polluted. Breathe… I’m here to stop anxiety and give you some clues on how to be eco-friendly, read below!

Yes, I like fashion, and yes I’m conscious about the state of our environment. I used to feel overwhelmed about the news on how human and natural resources are being overused and consumed. 

According to Eco-Age, 77% of people want to know how to live more sustainably. Some times we don’t know how to shift from desire to action. That’s why a made this guide to start somewhere: 

1. Be aware of your wardrobe 

We like to amass things and when it comes to fashion it can become massive. So, do you know every clothe you keep in your closet? Would you be able to remember each and one of them? You can go to your wardrobe and start now. 

2. Make a list of the clothes you don’t want any more

In some cases we tend to relate experiences with the clothes we keep, it reminds us of the graduation day, that first date, and so on. You can take advice from Marie Kondo a look closely to your closet so you can check what sparks joy and ditch the one that doesn’t spark joy anymore.

3. Donate, sell… 

When you finally finish the keeping and ditching clothes as described above, don’t throw away in the trash bean just like that. There are plenty of options you can go for: from selling your clothes, giving them to your nearest Church, to choosing a ONG like Oxfam; whose teams know exactly what to do with these dresses, pants, and shirts, that would enter now into a new process. Wouldn’t you be happy about the fact of making someone else happier? 

4. Or recycle…

There’s an alternative to point 3 and that is customization or reinvention of your clothing. A great opportunity to give life to your creative side. Look for those scissors, colorful threads, and any material you want to add -don’t forget to choose ethical sources-.   

5. Take a look at what you want to buy

That fashion trend right there, that crop top you saw the other day on Instagram and all those Pinterest photos you want to add to your garments list. Do you really need all of it?

6. Take inspiration from the past

Don’t worry, past trends and styles always come as fresh and new. Many of the top fashion designers take inspiration from the past. From the 1800 corsets to 70s pants, there are many vintage stores that sell these authentic garments.

7. Choose thrift shops 

Foster your own unique style, out of any other catalog. The best way to do this is by picking up in thrift shops. Even Macklemore made clear how fun it can be. There you can leave the clothing you don’t want anymore and renew your style with other pieces. 

8. Antique boutiques 

When it comes to accessories, you want mystique and precious, don’t you? What if you could find all that in a boutique of antiques, well now you can make it more interesting when looking for that dazzling part of the outfit. I’m not the only one suggesting it… See this Vogue selection.

9. Choose committed brands 

And when you truly need brand new clothing, get to know the process behind the production of that garment you desire. Eco-Age is my go-to for knowledge about sustainability and there you’ll find the best practices a brand should put into practice and their selection of ethical brands. 

10.  Spread the word

This is your turn to stop and think about what you are wearing and also telling your friends that there’s a way to be part of the solution too. 

Share this blog post! The environment will be thankful too. 

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