A Simple Guide on How to Travel in Style

Traveling is so exciting, we get anxious when packing for the destination. Keeping the style can be the last but here I’ll give some clues on how not to make it the least. 

Everybody loves to travel, it can be around the world or within our country but any reason makes it the perfect excuse to go for that trip. Sometimes we don’t know what to wear on a daily basis and when it comes to travel it can become a real ‘Fashion Drama’.

You may be part of the people who just go for comfy or the people who take it seriously to not lose the style, well I love fashion and also travel experiences but I’ve found the balance between this two opposites. Do you want to know how?:

1. Plan Your Outfits

Going on a trip requires planning, even when we just want to let go and let the destination guide us. The places you choose to visit and the activities you’ll do there are the main leads to know the clothes you’ll need and, of course, the time you’ll spend in that special place. 

Photography by: carloszrestrepo

2. Pro Tip: 2×1

Usually, we like to make the most out of our trips, that’s why we are more active than ever and from early morning to late night we plan the things we’d like to do in the destination. So, I plan my outfits for day and night for each day. Think about how you’d like to look during daylight and during the nightlife. 

Photography by: carloszrestrepo

3. Color Matters

Whether you go to the mountains, the beach or a thrilling city, each of those place has a characteristic color palette: use it in your favor by choosing contrasting or complementary colors for your clothes. 

Photography by: carloszrestrepo

4. Keep it simple but complete

I mean, you don’t have to carry more than one bag, you don’t even have to take more clothes than the ones you actually are going to wear. Don’t forget about points 1 and 2; put your eyes on accessories to add value it would be more than enough and they’ll give your look that dynamic vibe you’re looking for. In the end, sunglasses are part of the ‘basic traveling kit’. 

Photography by: carloszrestrepo

5. What about shoes?

To keep it light I recommend choosing only one pair for every style. For example, one pair of sneakers, one pair of sandals and one pair of heels or boots. End of story. 

Photography by: carloszrestrepo

Do you have other secrets to be in style when traveling? Let’s chat about it below!

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