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How to include MET Gala 2019 theme to your style

This year, the MET Gala took inspiration from Susan Sontag’s essay ‘Notes on Camp’. Discover its meaning and how to wear it in your daily life here.

“Love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration… style at the expense of content… the triumph of the epicene style” — so timely with what we are going through culturally and politically that, “I felt it would have a lot of cultural resonance.”, according to Andrew Bolton, curator in charge of the Costume Institute, this is the main concept for the spring exhibition of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) Costume Institute.

Every year, the opening ceremony for the exhibition is celebrated by the people of fashion, films, sports, music, and arts to fundraise the MET’s Costume Institute and give life to the theme, which this year was about Camp.

There are endless ways to interpret and express the Camp concept and that’s also the idea: to feel free of wearing what identifies you as a statement to break every prejudice or expectations of gender, culture, and so on… That’s the meaning of Camp in fashion.

Now, let’s see how to bring it to your everyday outfits, if you don’t know how to take the risk. Give a little space to extravanganza!


The key to this marvelous world is accessories. Ezra Miller is a great example and lead, he wore a corsé as the main piece to play with gender conceptions. It’s decorative, conceptual, not obvious clothes.

It is not a problem if you don’t want to hop on the fluid gender wagon. Lupita Nyong’o was very feminine and let the accessories do the job to heighten the suit drama. With rainbow colors that remind of unicorns, glitter, and fantasy.


When it comes to textures, shiny rubber is daring and yet elegant. Make the move with a bold combination of black gloves and a romantic colorful dress as Lily Aldridge did for this year’s MET Gala.

It can also play the connecting role of the details for your outfit as it worked for Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke. They wore matching outfits with this texture as the central idea redundantly balanced and appealing.

Translucent Fabrics

Thank you, Harry, for showing us that anyone can wear a translucent shirt and feel comfortable-sexy in it.

Color blocks

Some are used to hear and apply the “no more than two colors” rule for any suit. Not true! Feel free to wear and mix as much color as you feel to add. Keep an eye on Janelle Monáe as a starting point, she made it ‘basic’ and brilliant.


I gave you some hints, let me know which one caught your attention. Cheers!

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    8 mayo, 2019 at 11:09 am

    Me fascinan los elementos seleccionados, la armonia entre cantidad y extravagancia de las imagenes del articulo. Not too mainstream. Logra su cometido.

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