Rosalia: the Young Singer Who Revived Spanish Style

The 25-year-old Spanish ‘cantaora’ can’t stop to amaze and inspire with her strong voice and bold style rooted in her Spanish heritage.

A lilting singing that says “I’ve fallen in love, I stay with you” takes everybody’s breath away. Who’s stealing the public’s attention is Rosalía, dressing red head to toe and backed by l’Orfeó young Catalan chorus. Her presentation in Goya Awards 2019 has taken over the Spanish press, and she has well-earned international recognition with two Latin Grammy Awards in 2018. 

Neither is coincidental her nomination for best styling in a video at UK Music Video Awards 2018 for MALAMENTE clip. So let’s see her stylistic evolution through each chapter of her second album ‘El mal querer’.

This video for Malamente song is the very first jump to the game of showing us how to take real inspiration from her roots being everything but rancid. Dancers, bullfighters and a skater monk are a show of intelligent pride.

‘Pienso en tu mirá’ has clearly captured my heart too, as the mesmerizing video expresses countless references to Spanish culture, combined with the lyrics and the mellow yet furious singing. She gives flamenco a new life and fresh twist accomplishing an equilibrium between so many characters, symbols, and icons.

The traditional Spanish styling consists of black, red, and gold colors; skirts, veils and heavy jewelry with buns and braids for the hairstyling. Yes, the concept is clear and rich in Rosalia’s music videos but mixed with urban trends makes it relevant and new.

Her third video release for ‘Di mi nombre’ achieves new “minimalism” by the color palette election for the entire art direction, compared with the previous two videos filled with different color suits, many changes of outfits and accessories. This time the singer has a lace white palazzo pants and blouse with a pink oversized belt and a group of dancers are dressed in white too. The whole symmetry in yellow, white, pink and blue makes it perfectly balanced.

Chapter 7 for Rosalia’s ‘El mal querer’ album is an interpretation for ‘’liturgy’. This time we see a turning point in her styling with a latex red dress keeping the colors code but employing new silhouettes and walking a little away from urban fashion. Last but not least, a blonde hair with a straight cut of bangs has the main impact on the refreshing visual proposal.

And the latest video recalls the styling in ‘Malamente’ and ‘Pienso en tu mirá’ with a focus on shiny embellishment that can be linked with an Egyptian style, specially interlinked with Cleopatra characteristic beauty. We also see a comeback of biker styling enforced with powerful acting. 

Do you like Rosalia’s style? Let’s discuss on it with a tinto de verano glass!

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