Vogue in Climax

Climax, directed by Gaspar Noé, starts it all with a hypnotizing vogue dance performance, the gate to an overwhelming journey.

Thea Carla Schott in Climax (2018). Photo: IMDb

Arms move in circles with harmony, hands around faces of women and men, all dressed up fluidly in its own way: skirts, dresses, pantyhose, jumpers, jeans, heels, boots, sneakers and the classic Adidas pullover from the ‘90s.

The Argentine-French filmmaker, Gaspar Noé, proposed the crafting of the whole movie through photography, fashion styling, music, and dance. Voguing moves “strike a pose” in the film remind us of Madonna and ‘Paris is Burning’, the documentary that helped Vogue dancing become known in pop culture.

In Climax, voguing is the vehicle to connect with Noé’s trance state with music, the rising of anxiety, and still, you can’t stop watching it as it’s so hypnotizing. Is not a coincidence that Vogue dance is rising again like reaching a new climax as you can see in this artists video clips:

Sam Smith

Azealia Banks

FKA Twigs


Pillar Point

After all, from the underground New York Vogue ball scene in the ‘60s till today the dance depicts freedom and queer fluidity eternally that I hope to keep on seeing with such grace, pose, glitter, color, and natural effort.

*Many say Chemical Brothers’ video for Got to Keep On, directed by Michel Gondry and Olivier Gondry is related to Noé’s Climax. Do you agree with that comparison?

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